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I asked Alissa to write and share a few words about her family.

“I dreamed that little voices would echo in our home. Little did I know the journey that would bring me here and not a moment too soon.

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s going wrong but one hug or kiss from these miracles remind me to think otherwise. God never makes

mistakes and we thank him daily for our blessings. We certainly aren’t perfect (nor we claim or pretend to be) but we serve the One who

is.  The One who will never let us down. While we enjoy these moments in our earthly home, He’s preparing our heavenly home.” 

– The Toerings




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Aw! I love senior photos 🙂 This is my sister Grace. And she is gorgeous!!! (I think you’ll agree)

She is care-free, spontaneous, and very easy to chat with. She also loves to travel…hello Ecuador summer of 2016!!!

I’m excited to see where life takes you. I know it will be an amazing journey.

Love you Grace, Jules


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I look back fondly as i remember our evening spent together. Me and the Lofthus’s.  Breathtaking pacific northwest park. Families mingling around birthday cake. River flowing, ever constant.  Evergreen trees clothed in the golden light. A dad choosing to hold her hand, and cherish his daughter, fiercely. A new mama, heart ready to receive what her maker is creating. She shares her body with new life. She is brave, and strong. She is my sweet friend.


{So many new changes. So much love in this family! I am so waiting to hear the good news of your son’s birth John and Naomi! Many blessings to you!}



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When I hold you in my arms, Love
Something changes
It’s the strangest feeling
The things that used to matter
They don’t matter to me



When I see you
And you’re smiling
How my heart aches
So full it is about to break
You make me believe in love



I could never count all the ways
That you change me, Baby
Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue
When I’m with you




When I hear you, and you’re crying
It resonates, Dear
In a place I didn’t know was there
You make me believe in love





I could never count all the ways
That you change me, Baby
Every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue
When I’m with you





Beautiful baby
You’re sweeter than strawberry pie
Just like the morning
Your smile brings the sunshine




Lyrics: By JJ Heller “When I’m with you”

Special thanks to my sisters for helping take some of the photos. (Edited by me)



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